How does Online Therapy Work ?

Online therapy works just like regular face to face therapy. The exception is that it occurs through a secure video conferencing site and you dont have to drive anywhere . There is no software to download and all video and mesaging is done through a HIPAA compliant server. After our initial consultation you will be able to fill out forms , pay and manage all your appointments. When it comes time for the session I will share a link with you and we will be connected. No need for any sort of software download. Message me today for your free consultation to see if this service is right for you.

Is this Secure ?

All video and messaging are done through a secure HIPAA compliant site.

What are the Costs?

You can find the costs to all services by clicking here

Do you accept Insurance?

Due to the intimate and sensitive nature of my clients’s concerns, I do not accept any form of insurance. Insurance companies require that a diagnosis be submitted and dictate number of sessions/ duration of treatment. This information will be part of a clients permanent medical record.

What forms of payment are accepted?

I accept all debit/credit cards through a secure site.

What are your world wide consultation services?

My consultation services are offered to anyone in the world who would like to learn more about certain topics or discuss certain situations with an expert in the field for personal, business or research purposes Consultation services are provided through the same secure video conferencing provided to my therapy clients.

Do you charge more for couples with more than 2 persons?

I charge the same fee for relationship services regadless of number of partners. To read more about my services click here

I only need to consult for 30 minutes, is there a special rate?

No. My consultation services are billed for the full 50 minutes regardless of time spent.

What is Concierge Therapy?