Lets face it, we all have different likes and dislikes and thats perfectly okay.  Sex, relationships and lifestyles are not one size fits all.  “Different strokes for different folks”  as they say 😉  There may be times when you and your partner(s) wish to explore new things, times when fantasies or desires run through your head creating pleasure or distress, and times when you need to learn how to discuss certain needs with your partner(s). During these times, its helpful to talk about it with someone who wont judge, has knowledge in those subjects and is not afraid to go there. 

I assist my clients in finding the relationships, lifestyles and experiences that best suit their individual needs .  By creating a safe space to explore those thoughts , we can work together to realize those fantasies in a healthy, safe and fulfilling way. Some of the reasons you might want to work with me include 


Intimacy Concerns

Mismatched Libidos, Performance Anxiety, Painful Intercourse, Premature Ejaculation, Dull Sex Life 


BDSM/ Kink education, Oral Sex Training, Preparing for Anal, Preparing for Threesomes & Group Sex

Dominance Training

Be more Dominant in the Bedroom, Get into the mind of your Submissive,  Learn Tips & Tricks, Establish a Dom Persona


Create a Sissy Persona, Cross-dressing tips, Sissy Anxiety , Coming out to Partner

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