Tell me your pronouns

Do you have concerns regarding gender that you would like to discuss?

Starting your transition and feel overwhelmed navigating name changes, coming out to friends and family, hormone replacement therapy and other subjects?

Dealing with dating difficulties? 

Have a friend or loved one who is transitioning and need some support coping with this change? 

One of the things that  gives me a sense of purpose is helping others achieve the best version of themselves. This means different things for different people. Sometimes this means changing ones gender …and sometimes it means changing or processing long held views on gender when a loved one is transitioning. Either way, you should not have to go through this alone. Gender identity and transitioning can feel very confusing and intimidating .  Talking with a professional who is sensitive to these concerns and has the knowledge and resources to guide you can provide a great sense of relief.  Send me a message and set up a free consultation to see if you or a loved one might benefit from my services.