Welcome to the naughylicious podcast. I’m you host, Carlos, clinical Sexologist and licensed psychotherapist . Get ready to laugh, gasp and get a little sass cause In this podcast. you will learn all sorts of of salacious things you never knew you needed to know about sex, kinks and fetishes,  hear from special guests like doctors, dominatrixes and adult film stars , laugh over scandalous sex stories, get the hottest sex tips.  So get your drink on, freak on and strap on because we’re getting naughtylicious and were starting right now

and make sure to stay to end to learn about our sex term of the day: aculeophallic.

So this week, I got an email letting me know that I reached another Subscriber count milestone  on my Youtube channel Ask Carlos, later that day while waiting for a strawberry milkshake I got another email that shook me to the core. Youtube removed my channel due to it’s sexual content and wanting to keep users safe while providing no specifics other than give an option to appeal. I was devastated, my emotions were all over the place, my thoughts were racing ten thousand miles a minute and I cycled between feeling defeated and getting into problem solve, the show must go on mode.  Now, Youtube has been notorious for censoring and silencing sex education channels and videos without any consistency or clarity, so I was always aware it could happen. Ive seen it happen. One of best up and coming channels with Dr.Victoria from the erotic heritage museum was removed, but luckily she is back with her amazing sex nerd podcast, make sure to check that out, but yea,  I was in total shock.

The official Youtube Guidelines on Nudity and Sexual Content state that explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying is not allowed and fetish related content could be age restricted or removed. This changes if the purpose is educational, however the system relies on the title, content, and description of the video to determine the purpose of the video. Essentially they want to make sure that the videos are not meant to be sexually gratifying and that is stated multiple times. I specialize in kinks and fetish education so I operate in a fifty shade of gray area, but my videos are clearly meant to be educational and entertaining .

The problem is that something being sexually gratifying is in the eye of the beholder. Videos featuring someone painting their toenails could be seen as totally boring by some, but feel intoxicatingly erotic to someone with a foot fetish.

This creates a huge problem . Normally YouTube’s censoring happens through a.i, and then if an appeal is made, it’s supposedly reviewed by a real person. If a reviewer watches one of my videos and gets turned on, or freaks out because they get turned on learning about these topics or simply find the topics offensive, they can easily decide the content violates the guidelines in spite of the content being educational, comedic and showing no nudity.

Youtube states that it wants to keep it’s users safe, but censoring sex education does the opposite. It keeps people ignorant,  increases shame, increases inability to openly talk about sexual health and puts them and others in danger by not having potentially life saving information available to them. It also isolates and alienates people who feel what they experience or desire is abnormal, and that they are alone in this world.

I’m still so shocked that this day and age, with everything being so sexually explicit in our culture, music and entertainment that sexual content meant to educate is censored. I was actually so depressed with what happened that I was finally in the right mood to start watching euphoria, which I am loving btw, but it reminded me of all the comments I got on multiple videos telling me how they found my video after seeing something on euphoria, or whatever other show or movie like fifty shades of grey, which you can ironically watch on YouTube. . I specifically remember a lot of people going to my video on Financial Domination, which for those who have not seen the show starts becoming a way that one of the characters starts making money online. It highlighted to me how crazy it is to live in a world where people can easily watch people doing wild sex acts, but can’t easily access information that ensures they go about it safely. I understand YouTube wants to supposedly keep users safe, but silencing sex educators aint it.  I’m opposed to censorship in general and am a huge supporter of free speech and don’t believe anyone should be silenced because someone finds what they say offensive especially knowing that what it really comes down to is fear that it might scare a few advertisers. Hearing everyones opinion, no matter how awful it may be  helps us grow, learn coping skills to manage difficult conversations, helps us  understand each other better and also gives us a huge reality check. You can’t truly understand the state we are truly in, if you don’t get to hear the perspectives and thoughts of others.

At the end of the day although Youtube owes its existence and content to the content creators on it’s platform, I understand that it’s their business and they are entitled to run it however they see fit. While I am hopeful that the appeal will result in the restoration of my channel, I can’t just sit around and wait on something that my or may not happen, and you can’t keep a real bitch down, so I am doing what I tell all my clients to do, take matters into my own hands and continue moving forward. As they say, the show must go on. To all my YouTube subscribers, friends and family, thank you so much for your continued support. To all my new listeners, thank you for spending some time with me and can’t wait to connect with you all. Please consider going on twitter and letting @teamyoutube know that you would like the Ask Carlos channel to be reinstated, I will love you forever.

Our naughtylicious word of the day is Aculeophallic, which is a term used to describe penises with a cone shaped tip, sometimes called rocket penises or cone cocks. These penises are perfect for anal sex as their slimmer tip makes for easier insertion followed by extra stimulation as you slowly stretch and widen down the shaft like a buttplug. Have you all been with or have a cone cock? Let me know what you like about it ,  send any questions you want answered  on the show or  any naughty stories you would like me to feature on the podcast by emailing me @naughtyliciouspodcast@gmail.com, or sliding into my dms at instagram or twitter currently @askcarlostv. Thank you so much for listening. Stay Safe and stay Naughty. Until next time.