Individual and Relationship Counseling 

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Family Time
LGBT online counseling

Being in the LGBTQ community isnt all just grindr , gyms, pride parades and glitter …. ok, maybe for a good percentage of us.  But the truth is ,being in the gay community comes with  its own sets of challenges .  My clients feel relieved to be working with someone who is part of their community and understands the complexities of LGBTQIA life. They appreciate that they dont have to stop mid sentence to explain what PnP means or who Felisha is. 

Some of the reasons my clients choose to work with me :



Coming Out 

Self Esteem 

Body Image

Risky Behaviors

Hook Up App Concerns

Improving Sex Life  

Family Concerns

Relationship Problems

Premarital Counseling 

Open Relationships

Support Through the Adoption Process

Internalized Homophobia

Dating Concerns

Intimacy Concerns

Work Stress


Being Fat, Fem, Black or Asian in a Masc4Masc Obsessed Culture

*Please note that while the topic of drugs and sex might come up , I do not treat drug addiction or sex addiction.  If you are looking for substance abuse or sex addiction counseling, I will be more than happy to help you find a good resource.